If you hire or intend to hire foreigners at you company, our training offer is addressed specifically to you. Visa&Work conducts comprehensive trainings addressed to employers, specialists from HR departments as well as public service institutions in the field of legalization of foreigners work and residence at the territory of Poland.  Training agenda is developed individually for each client based on their specific needs. Our team of instructors is composed of highest class specialists with long-standing professional experience closely related to the subject discussed, who will in an accessible way help you gain required knowledge regarding the process of legalization of residence and work of your employees and their families. Additionally they will provide you with practical tips for appropriate cooperation with offices and completing necessary documentation.
Competencies obtained in the course of training organized by Visa&Work will protect you against legal consequences stemming from illegal employment of foreigners. Our offer is addressed both to small- as well as medium- and large-sized enterprises. The trainings are carried out all over Poland, costs of the training are estimated individually based on the number of participants and training venue.